Bonnie Dondeville Farley


Bonnie Dondeville-Farley

Class of 1997

University of Memphis,1962 (Mens Tennis Team)

Winner of State Opens in Mississippi,Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Southern Wightman Cup Team Member, 1958

A native of Memphis, Bonnie grew up playing tennis at John Rogers Tennis Center. Her game began at age 5 and by age 12, she was winning junior tournaments in the city. After claiming numerous state open titles she found herself ranked #15 in the United States and #1 in the South fifteen and under division. She came to the university of Memphis in 1962 and since there was no mens team , she became the firstĀ  female to compete on a men's athletic team in the United States. She played number five singles and number 2 doubles with Kenny Lewis. She and Lewis were undefeated in doubles play. In June of 1963 she won the number five spot in the Men's Tennessee Intercollegiate Championship. Dondeville- Farley currently teaches special education in Memphis.